Modern world people are familiar with security camera in banks, important public places and office campus. These days they are used vastly because of security reason.

Choosing security camera correctly and keeping them in right places is the key. Now, police in big cities use security camera to solve traffic issue as well as catch thieves. These days we can see maximum use of security cameras in shops/stores. Shops like ornament shops, shopping malls and big stores. In ornament shops, they keep the security camera in such a place that no one can find it. Any suspicious or uncivil activity can be recorded in that security camera that is kept hiding.

In ATM centers, they keep security camera to detect robbers. In big cities, traffic police keep CCTV cameras in big tower and building tops to view traffic system in that place. Accidents and uncivil work happens in those places randomly.

Therefore, to detect the culprit amongst huge crowd, traffic police control room review the video recorded that time from that CCTV camera and find the actual convict. In shopping malls, they keep CCTV cameras to check their employees work and the customers behaviors. CCTV camera help in keeping an eye around your home surrounding. Rich people keep security camera around their house to identify suspicious person.