When security system is been talked about, this has to do with the ability of a given set of people or an individual to be able to secure his or her property from thieves or unauthorized use by other people. A lot of security surveillance system are now been used globally with the view of securing the users life and property.

A good example of these security surveillance systems is the CCTV security surveillance system. It comes with the CCTV Cameras, these cameras are designed in different shapes and sizes, thus act as the eyes of the CCTV surveillance system. When close circuit television are properly installed, they work very effectively in giving the owner the recording that he would need in taking care of what he needs in security purpose. There are different means by which these cameras can work and for them to work effectively, expects should be consulted so that there would be no proper with its installation.

You may wonder what IP Camera is all about, the answer to this is not farfetched. This is said to be an Internet Protocol video camera, and it has provided the possibility of aiding security surveillance without going through the stress of installation which is seen in a closed circuit television that can always be seen around the environment.

In the year 1996, a company was known as the Axis Communication created this equipment just as a prototype. In recent times, there seems to be more of these gadgets to the point that some people that knew nothing about it can now without assistance make use of it very well as a spy gadget. Have you wondered how beautiful it is to have in your hand technology, especially when the surveillance cameras are involved?